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A Letter from Elaine
Opportunities Abound to Meet Other HSPs

Dear HSPs,

So now the seasons turn and we look towards the darkness and the time of inner light--light inside of our homes, shining out and leading us home, or light in our places of worship, in places of learning, or in our hearts, in our dreams, in the eyes of those we love. There's no shortage of light, but we have to look elsewhere now that summer is over.

Opportunities To Be With Other HSPs
There's no shortage of HSP gatherings, either. The next one is in April, in Somerset, England. Our first in Europe. Then there will be one in June in San Rafael, California, and in September in British Columbia. Hasn't Jacquelyn been busy? They happen because you have wanted them, and needed them, and told us how much you benefit from them, so keep supporting them by being brave and coming!

List Of Gatherings (And One Seminar)
Lenox, MA, February 3-5, 2006 (taught by me). See

I will speak for a half day at these HSP Gatherings...
* United Kingdom, April 6-10, 2006. Scheduled for Croydon Hall in Exmoor National Park
* San Francisco Bay Area (Marin County), June 14-18, 2006. Ends in time for Father's Day celebration on Sunday, June 18th. Held at Santa Sabina Retreat Center, San Rafael, California
* British Columbia, September 23-September 27, 2006. (We realize these dates fall within the week of Rosh Hashanah and Ramadan. If you are of these two faiths, and would like to share the significance of these important holidays, we invite you to do so.) Held on Gabriola Island, 1.5 hours by car and ferry from Victoria.
* East Coast: Tentative--October 2006
For dates, locations and further information on HSP Gatherings scheduled for 2006, please visit Jacquelyn Strickland's website at

Psychotherapy For The Highly Sensitive Person--I've signed a contract with Guildford Publishing for this book, which should appear in 2007.

Sind Sie Hoch-Sensibel? That's right, we now have a German addition, thanks to the marvelous perseverance of an HSP named Cornelia Pruess. For years the American publisher was trying to sell German rights to The Highly Sensitive Person, but it just was not happening. Cornelia went on her own to a publisher and showed them her translation. This almost never works--publishers want to hire their own translator. But Cornelia convinced them. So soon we shall be getting to know more German, Swiss German, and Austrian HSPs--all thanks to the diligence of one person. A few copies, signed by me, are in the HSP Store. Otherwise, I'm sure you can get them from the publisher. (, then go to Verlagsprogramm - Persönlichkeitsentwicklung.)

ON SALE: Some Back Issues Of Paper Comfort Zones And VHS Tapes
When we were printing paper versions of Comfort Zone we were always guessing how many to print. Some issues we printed too few of and are sold out. They can only be bought as part of the complete sets, of which we only have about 50. We will not print more when we run out, so that the value of the complete sets as a collector's item can only go up.

Over the years we over-printed or reprinted some issues and have hundreds left--not because they are less popular, but just because we were always guessing how many to print. Thus we are putting together some "sale bundles" of those newsletters we have in overstock, along with the VHS tape version of the video. If you've wondered what's on that video or would like to give it as a gift to someone who has a VHS player, then here's your chance to buy it for less than usual $15. Find the deals sprinkled around the HSP Store page.

[EDITOR'S UPDATE 2016: Some items may no longer be available.]

Happy Holidays, all of them... Elaine

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