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A Letter from Elaine:
Upcoming Events, New CDs and New Website in Spanish


Dear Readers,

Below you'll find news of where I will next speak and of two new CDs, plus a Spanish website for HSPs.

The days are speeding towards the winter solstice, shortening faster than maybe some of us would like, given that HSPs are sensitive to declines in darkness. But the winter brings those crazy holidays--that chance for HSPs to either receive some archetypal peace or some serious sensory overload.

Remember, if the holidays mean more work for you on the job, you must cut down on things outside of work, including what is expected of most people at this time of year--parties, shopping, greeting cards, and all the other things we have become compelled to think we must do.

Events, Past and Future. Since the last newsletter, the Colorado gathering unfolded beautifully. We were literally surrounded by golden aspen and bull elk doing their thing. (They have such gentle eyes that it seems that when they are battering each other they are thinking, "Oh well, autumn. Gotta do this. Sorry pal. Ouch.")

A huge gentleman elk spent the days while we were there curled up under the window of our cabin, chewing his cud. One of his two enormous antlers (which do grow back each year) had broken off completely. He looked awfully happy to be on the sidelines.

The next gathering will be in early summer at Walker Creek in Marin County, near San Francisco. If you have never been to a gathering, this is a special one. Make it part of a vacation to this amazing land of redwoods, ocean, rolling oak-dotted hills, a special city, and great food.

Another chance to vacation in the Bay Area is earlier in the year, at Big Sur, at the other end of the San Francisco Bay Area.

I will be giving a course for HSPs at Esalen, in Big Sur, February 29 through March 2.

Esalen is spectacular, dangling over the Pacific, redwoods and lush gardens all around, plus hiking trails and "clothing-optional" hot spring tubs and massages right above the surf. People-watching gets serious here—the home of the fabled California Oh-dear-what-can-I-call-it? Esalen can be reached at 831-667-3005 or at

I will give another such course at Kripalu in western Massachusetts April 4 through 7.

Kripalu is in Lenox, Massachusetts. That's in the rolling, history-steeped, peaceful Berkshires, the home of Tanglewood. They have a large lake plus wonderful forests and meadows to wander. It will be early spring, so less predictable weather, but we hope for miles of new green in spring sunshine. Kripalu is also close to many nice restaurants and things to do, and easy to reach from NYC and Boston. They can be contacted at 866-200-5203 or at

These are more opportunities to meet other HSPs, be in exceedingly beautiful places, and catch me out in public...

Two New CDs for the Holidays

I have remade Appreciating the Trait of High Sensitivity. That audio tape was recorded in 1998 and was not in CD format, so we were very due for something fresh. This CD is all new, and not the same as the book or the audio book. It complements them well, but also stands alone. Pop it into a car's CD player and there you are, a refresher course or a quick way to introduce the idea to someone who might not want to commit to reading the book.

Thoughts on the Highly Sensitive Child, the other new CD, is even less overlapping with The Highly Sensitive Child. I recommend the two together for anyone who might be parenting an HSC. It is so important that parents have this information if they are raising an HSC. Take the risk and give it to someone with such a child. Or if someone already read and liked the book, this is the gift for them this year.

Website and Coaching in Spanish

Karina Zegers de Beijl has created a website for Spanish speakers all over the world, to complement the publication of The Highly Sensitive Person in Spanish. Her website is She also offers coaching for HSPs. You can contact her at

In the spirit of religious tolerance, I hope Santa Claus, Hanukah Harry, or Buddha Jelly Belly is good to you this year. Sorry I left you out, Muslims and others I have not thought of, but maybe you can educate me. I plan to meditate and relax during my days off, so I hope one of them delivers me--and you--a little holiday enlightenment.



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