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Back to Comfort ZoneNovember/December 2004: Comfort Zone ONLINE
A Letter from Elaine
New Things for HSPs

This is Marcia (webmaster of writing. Before I let Elaine begin, let me apologize for the lateness of this newsletter issue. The HSP website and store is “staffed” by a small group of part-timers working a few hours each around full-time jobs, infant children and lives. This issue found our little group confronting obstacles ranging from a dead computer forcing us to re-build our database to my whole family descending on me for Thankgiving. Hopefully all you HSPs out there reading can appreciate that I refuse to “crack the whip” when working on this website. I want to assure you that Elaine, the support team and I are committed to bringing this newsletter to you, but I insist it must be done gracefully. Happy holidays!

Dear HSPs,

What’s new since this summer? “Many great holiday gift ideas...” Yeah. Seriously, if you know some HSPs, or someone wanting to know what to get you, we have some fine new offerings in the HSP store: a wonderful recording of the original HSP Book, a video for HSPs, and a “survival guide.” See below.

HSP Doings
The HSP gathering at Three Rivers brought together over thirty of us. I think everyone enjoyed this one in particular. The setting was beautiful, peaceful, comfortable. Plus Jacquelyn is learning more and more about what makes this work for all of you. She told me she thought it was the best yet. Besides the East Coast gathering next spring, there may be some gatherings in some new places, so keep checking her website and mine.

The Dutch HSPs are organizing to have me visit in the spring, and the Belgium HSPs are now developing their own groups in Flemish-speaking areas. There’s even an HSP calendar in Dutch for 2005, with daily insights, reminders, or activities to do. (No one in the U.S. seemed to want it.) Mostly by coincidence, just before the holidays we have several new offerings in the HSP “store” that you should know about.

A Video Tape At Last
First, we now have ready the first of two video tapes of me giving a course to about twenty of your fellows. Called The Trait of High Sensitivity, it begins with the basic information, plus coping with overarousal, but it is not the same as the book. Plus the questions are quite interesting. Bob Ryder, whom some of you may know, was the force behind this from start to end. All I had to do was show up and speak. I had to watch it just to okay it, and you know how that can be. But even I thought it was pretty good.

The Audio Version of The Highly Sensitive Person
Second, the book itself, The Highly Sensitive Person, has been recorded on CD by Recorded Books. Barbara Caruso, from the Royal Shakespeare Company, reads it. She is so entertaining! This is a real treat, and the perfect gift for someone who commutes, or is at home and lonely, or simply doesn’t like to read books. It’s 9 disks, 10 hours. The price here is ONE HALF of what it costs from Recorded Books, or any place else. And once again, only here do you get it signed by the author (Elaine, not Barbara).

Ted Zeff’s The Highly Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide
Finally, we have for sale an excellent new book written by Ted Zeff called The Highly Sensitive Person’s Survival Guide, published this year by New Harbinger and signed by the author. Ted takes some different approaches than I have, so you may find it refreshing. I do recommend the book, but please do not take that as an endorsement of every word of it. He says some things I would not. But that’s fine. Here is his description of his book.

As an HSP the most important thing that you can learn is how to manage your increased sensitivity to both physical and emotional stimulation. In this accessible, practical guide you will learn hundreds of new coping strategies to remain calm and tranquil in today’s over-stimulating world. You will learn techniques such as: specific meditative exercises to help you remain centered; methods to calm the senses and cope with time pressure; create a diet and exercise program specific for the HSP and new, innovative techniques to create harmonious relationships.

And Two Helpful Bundles
The Jumpstart Bundle: Listen to the basics and then work through the workbook. The Highly Sensitive Person Unabridged Recorded Book plus The Highly Sensitive Person’s Workbook (CD set and book).
The Video/DVD Bundle: Pick this up if you want practical info from lots of sources on living the HSP life. The Trait of High Sensitivity video plus Comfort Zone Complete Set (VHS video or DVD and newsletter set).

[EDITOR'S UPDATE 2016: Some items may no longer be available.]

Warmly, Elaine

The Comfort Zone
P. O. Box 460564
San Francisco, CA 94146-0564

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