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A Letter from Elaine:
HS Teenagers; HSPs and Evil Deeds; Help for the HS Male


Dear Sensitive Readers:

This is the issue that arrives at your in-box as our planet tilts so that the Northern Hemisphere is lifting its head to bask in the sun--meaning most of us are approaching the longest day of the year and the summer warmth that follows. It's good news for HSPs who are sensitive to cold. I find it easier to undo being too hot than too cold--when hot I just get wet.

So here's to many refreshing showers, dips, splashes, swipes of a cold cloth, or however you do it. Here's to hours spent with calm lakes, deep rivers, rushing streams, gurgling brooks, quiet beaches, infinite oceans, and rain with thunder. You need serious wet down time. And here's to a glass of sweet, cool water. For HSPs especially, water's the great restorer.

This Issue:

The series continues for highly sensitive teenagers, and of course for any of you over twenty with an inner teenager. In this issue we deal with family.

There is also an article on what can cause even the nicest person (even an HSP) to do evil deeds. We need to understand these processes if we are to be truly wise and give good counsel to the non-HSPs around us.

Finally, there's something for HSMs on male menopause--which actually applies in part to women's menopause as well.

GO TO A GATHERING! In April I taught my usual HSP course to a group of fifty at Kripalu, in western Massachusetts. As always, they found the experience of being with other HSPs "life changing." Jacquelyn Strickland, who runs these types of gatherings, hears the same thing: "Life Changing." How important it is to experience at least one all-HSP weekend.

Two more coming up--for all the info, click here.

June 19-23 at Walker Creek Ranch in the San Francisco Bay Area. The setting is rural west Marin County, just far enough from the ocean not to be foggy, but close enough to drive to that spectacular coast line. San Francisco, the wine country, the redwoods, the Sierras--they are all nearby.

And please, please sign up now if you're going to. I know HSPs like to register late to keep all their options open, but that leaves the HSPs in charge biting their nails.

See you there.

October 2-6 at Menla Mountain Retreat Center in Phoenicia, New York.

Just two hours from New York City, this is a wild and splendid setting. The fall leaves should be blazing. Check out the photos at

Or, plan a trip to England for the gathering April 2-6 in 2009.

Reminder about the Two New CDs. One is a new introductory lecture on "Appreciating the Trait of High Sensitivity," made last fall. The other is "Thoughts on the Highly Sensitive Child," a compilation of four talks I gave to parents in book stores.

YouTube and One Minute U

HSPs' special benefactor, Bob Ryder, who is responsible for most of my audio and video material, pointed out that I ought to have my own video about high sensitivity on YouTube. So he came to my house and we did it in an hour. You can watch my video here. It provides a three-minute explanation should you want to give someone a very quick intro.

Also, the Learning Annex now has a One Minute U and Bob and I did one for them too--an even faster intro:

[EDITOR'S UPDATE 2016: Some items or services may no longer be available.]

Have a super good-vibrations summer,


May 2008 Articles:

A Letter from Elaine
For Highly Sensitive Teenagers, Part II:

Dealing with the Rest of Your Family

Reading: What HSPs Need to Know About Why Good People Turn Evil
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More Comfort Zone Email Newsletters

May 2008 Articles:

For Highly Sensitive Teenagers, Part II: Dealing with the Rest of Your Family

Reading: What HSPs Need to Know About Why Good People Turn Evil

Coping Corner: Sensitive Men and Testosterone

A Letter from Elaine



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