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A Letter from Elaine
HSPs Are Gathering in Many Places

Dear Highly Sensitive Readers,

"Sumer is icumen in."

That's old English. And it's true.

And the quote may have something to do with the fact that I'm reading a history of England after just coming back from a vacation that began with the first International Gathering of HSPs, in Somerset. That's in the south west of England. What a beautiful place! It was a long ways from anything, especially London, which was so much a part of its charm. The HSPs came from as far as Greece and Belgium, and as usual all found themselves amazed at their basic similarities and how life changing it was to be with other HSPs and receive Jacquelyn's ideas, always deepening as she facilitates more of these, and a few of my comments of Saturday morning, this time on the scientific research (which I will repeat for the next gatherings)...

For those interested in other gathering opportunities, think about California in June or British Columbia in September, just click on Events on's navigation bar. Do consider coming, or coming again.

This issue is special in that, as part of the article on "The Highly Sensitive Person Who Is Also A High Sensation Seeker", you will find the Self-Test for High Sensation Seeking, previously only in The Highly Sensitive Person in Love. You may want to take it if you have not already.

What else is new? For me personally, I am a first time grandmother. Yup. His name is Simon and he is of course the most wonderful baby that ever was, with the exception of his father. And I'm busier than usual, writing Psychotherapy with the Highly Sensitive Person (for Guilford).

So, in the Nothing New Department, given how busy I am, please forgive me that I only proofread once. In fact, how about a treasure hunt? Find Her Mistakes! Have fun.

Summer. Ah, it's a good time to be alive, yes? The coming summer days and summer nights, summer gardens and summer swimming places, summer fruits and summer vacations. Yes, the world is in trouble and turmoil, but don't forget to enjoy each day of this miraculous season. There's always trouble and turmoil, but today is unique.

So here's your pre-summer reading. In midsummer you'll receive the August issue, which I think will have an article on "Overcoming Embarrassment, Guilt, and Shame" and one about "HSPs and Animals," including our other great ape pals.

Jan Kristal's The Temperament Perspective: Working with Children's Behavioral Styles (Brookes, 2005) is a marvelous book for parents interested in their child's overall temperament, which every child has. Jan was my primary consultant for The Highly Sensitive Child, where I explained the importance of understanding a child's other traits. This book is written for teachers, parents, therapists, pediatricians--anyone who works with children. Hence it is written at a satisfyingly "higher" level than an ordinary parenting book. Next time I will review it, so that those of you who are not parents and might not read the book will benefit from some of her insights as you can think about your own childhood from "the temperament perspective."

Warmly, Elaine

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