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A Letter from Elaine
Getting HSPs Together

Dear HSPs,

What a spring. On Saturday March 26 there were almost a thousand HSPs gathered together in one congress hall in Utrecht, Holland. HSPs. En masse. How did this near miracle happen? (I don't think we've ever had more than a hundred fifty in one place in the U.S.)

Well, The Highly Sensitive Person (and Child, and in Love) became a very hot item in Holland, thanks to very good publicity by having me come to Amsterdam three times--in a small country it's easy to saturate the media with a few interviews. So everyone knew about the idea within a year or two, not ten years, which seems to create a kind of critical mass. So HSPs began gathering in larger groups, making friends and even getting married. Some of them also talked about organizing for me to come. Some of the most talented pooled their efforts, and it happened. The one who led that effort has written about his experiences, and I included his article in this emailed newsletter in order to make it very available to people in other countries wanting to do the same.

No doubt it also helped this gathering that you can reach Utrecht in less than an hour from almost any place in the Netherlands, so getting together was easy for the generally travel-hesitant HSP. And so they came. From all over the country. Hundreds and hundreds, chatting, milling, meeting, and then listening raptly to my words. I had never spoken to so many people. I wasn't really nervous, but it was still exhausting in some way. Also overwhelming, in a positive sense. I don't think one's ever the same after receiving a standing ovation from almost a thousand people. I was very grateful, very humbled in some way too. An HSP thing.

A Plug For the Video
Some of you have expressed a wish that I spoke in public more often. Well, the event in Urtrecht was overstimulating enough to last me a long time! Specifically, I'm trying to keep my speaking down in order to take proper care of myself. So, consider buying the DVD/VHS video we have made--that's exactly the wish (to see me) that it was intended to satisfy. It's only $15, and you can have me in your living room, speaking to a small group much as if we really were in a living room.

More news from Europe: The Highly Sensitive Person will finally be published in German in 2006.

And from farther away, Australians and New Zealanders have an HSP interested in getting them "organized" too.

Do we need organization? Well, we need contact. Gatherings. Internet chat rooms. Websites. They especially serve HSPs during that period, however long, when finding out that you are an HSP is such a revelation. And every HSP should get to know some others and be at least once in a group of only HSPs, which does require some organizing.

Speaking of gatherings, there was a lovely gathering in April in the wilds of northeast Pennsylvania. Alas, I missed being there physically because of being sick, but they were a warm and loving group, judging by their voices during our conference calls.

And there will be one in the Northwest, August 27 to 31. Note the change of date. I'll be there for part of it. It's going to be beautiful on Whidbey Island in August. Blackberry season. Yum. Check it out at....

I'll be at Omega in Rhinebeck New York, September 23-25.

Let's get together: Let's go Dutch!

Warmly, Elaine

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