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Back to Comfort ZoneMay 2004: Comfort Zone ONLINE
A Letter from Elaine
Introducing the New Comfort Zone

Dear HSPs,

Welcome to the first online version of Comfort Zone. Sorry it took awhile. What a project! Marcia Norris deserves a lot of credit for making this happen. At times it was more than she bargained for, I am sure. HSPs are signing up on our mailing list at a rate of more than 10 per day, so once again you are not alone. There are lots of us. But we are very happy about this change. For example, going online allows us to reach more of you, such as the growing international audience. And we save trees, stamps, and hassles.

So, how is this version different? Well, it’s free. You won’t get sixteen pages of colored paper in the mail, or any paper at all unless you print what is here. There will be fewer articles each issue. And we will no longer publish those articles that are not written by me (the latest articles are listed below--you just click on them to read them). Instead we invite authors to share a web address or instructions for how to get HSP-related articles through the new “Share Articles” section in our email notices. I really do hope you will consider writing an article and posting it. I envision someday people eagerly checking out the original ideas and great literary contributions to be found at this website. We HSPs have a great many valuable ideas to contribute to the world, and you can start right here. It doesn’t have to be perfect--just your views.

That’s what’s different. What’s the same? There will always be an editorial plus one or more articles by me, along with a partial list of what will be in future issues. And we are keeping the all-important Contact Center feature, which is a forum for HSPs to share info about HSP events, classes, or services. [For those unfamiliar with the Contact Center, it is a place where HSPs can share information about opportunities they want to offer each other. Contact Center items/notices must relate specifically to high sensitivity and may include information about therapy groups, social groups/opportunities, news groups, activities or events, services, and the like. Submissions will only be accepted from and shared with individuals who have joined our mailing list.]

[EDITOR'S UPDATE 2016: Some features may have been discontinued or replaced in the years since 2004.]

The advantage of this new format for me personally is that I do not have to make articles fit into the space limits of a piece of paper, I am not going to be so fussy about every little typo, and I do not have to evaluate or edit the work of others. Further, I can write about what interests me without having to worry about pleasing everyone. (So there will probably be fewer articles about coping with this and that. But that is where sharing articles with each other will come in handy.) Also, my small “staff” and I will no longer have to print and mail the newsletters or keep track of subscriptions--a huge undertaking for us. This Internet format still costs money to put together, but I am hoping that sales of the back issues will pay for the expensive start-up costs.

Feedback is welcome. I do enjoy hearing your thoughts, but please do not expect any response--part of the point of this is to give me more time to write. As for contacting me, you’ll have to write an ordinary letter. Some people seem to think of me as a recluse simply because I do not publish my email address! But email can be so overwhelming. It’s just so easy for anyone to write an email, pop in a question or two, and then I, as a writer and conscientious HSP, will always write too much in response. So, if it’s important enough to you, do write to me the old-fashioned way at the address below. Alas, you still probably will not receive a response, or I might have my assistant respond, but I enjoy hearing from people.

If you are looking for virtual and/or real contact with other HSPs, check the Resources Events pages on the website, where you can connect with an independently run internet discussion group or get information on the next HSP Gathering in your area (I always speak at them on one of the days).

So here goes. And I hope you are looking forward to a wonderful summer.


The Comfort Zone
P. O. Box 460564
San Francisco, CA 94146-0564

[EDITOR'S UPDATE 2016: This address no longer works. Please go here to contact Elaine's assistant.]

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More Comfort Zone Email Newsletters