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A Letter from Elaine:
New Research; HS Teenagers; Dealing with Dark Days


Dear Sensitive Readers,

Welcome to another newsletter. I hope it will help you pass some time in a pleasant way if you are in the northern hemisphere and waiting impatiently for spring. Of course in the southern hemisphere you are just cooling down. We're spread all around the globe, 10,000 subscribers strong, but enjoying the same sun--or lack of it.

This Issue

This issue begins a series of articles for highly sensitive teenagers, but I am confident they will be useful to the "inner teenager" in all of you. For example, the first article is about dealing with being different.

You'll also find a description of the research results that were presented in August at the huge annual national convention of the American Psychological Association, in a seminar entitled "Trait High Sensitivity: Brain Processes/Structure and U.S.-Asian Comparisons."

Finally, I have written something about HSPs and winter. Today the sun happens to be shining at my house, but this is a real novelty after days and days of rain. I'll share some ideas on coping with the dark time.

Where I'll be Speaking Next:

A weekend course for HSPs at Esalen, in Big Sur, February 29-March 2. They can be contacted at 831-667-3005 or at

Esalen is amazing--one of those "places to see before you stop traveling because you're highly sensitive and find it overwhelming."

Another such course at Kripalu in western Massachusetts April 4-7. They can be contacted at 866-200-5203 or at

Kripalu is in Lenox, Massachusetts. It is a yoga retreat center--need I say more? Very serene. Good for HSPs. The countryside is lovely, although the weather at the start of April can go either way. They shuttle you from the train station so getting there is easy, whatever the weather.

Another wonderful HSP gathering is coming June 19-23 at Walker Creek Ranch. For information on that, click on Gatherings at the top of my website. There will also be a gathering on the East Coast October 2-6.

Reminder about the Two New CDs. One is a brand new introductory lecture by me on "Appreciating the Trait of High Sensitivity," made in the fall. The other is "Thoughts on the Highly Sensitive Child," a compilation of things I said in four different talks to parents in book stores.

What else are we all facing these days?

If there is a huge fuss about an approaching election in your country, as is the case in mine, I know you have thought carefully about how you will vote. Do not hesitate to tell others about your leanings. Research shows that most voters look to one or two people in their environment for deciding how to vote. HSPs are often the ones who have pondered the candidates and issues the most, so that if we express these, with some tact and strategy, we can have an influence in far larger proportion than our numbers.

Don't be afraid, or defensive. It works best to ask and listen to the other person, then offer some gentle, understanding reflections. "I can sure see why you would see it that way, knowing you... [or] given what you've said. From my own experience, I lean towards thinking that..."

On another note , many of us are facing more winter. I hope you're healthy, happy, safe, and snug. But many are not, I realize. If it is any help to know, I think you can count on your fellow HSPs wishing you better times soon, wherever you are. Think spring, rebirth, renewal.

P.S. Forgive the many typos and grammatical mistakes you will find throughout this newsletter. As always, I am going for possibly error-filled newsletters rather than none at all.



February 2008 Articles:

A Letter from Elaine
Three Studies of HSPs Presented this Summer at the American Psychological Association
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More Comfort Zone Email Newsletters

February 2008 Articles:

Research: Three Studies of HSPs Presented this Summer at the American Psychological Association

Coping Corner: HSPs in a Winter Wonderland (Not)

For Highly Sensitive Teenagers, Part I: Feeling Different

A Letter from Elaine