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A Letter from Elaine
Early Spring Events for HSPs

Dear HSPs,

The newsletter is late again, but not as late as last time. We are catching up. And the whole point of it being free and online is that we don't have to feel any guilt about being late.

What's new? Petty things about me that you can skip, but I like to say something personal... It's cold as I write this. I'm in New York City, a very questionable place for an HSP. But I spend three months here, most years, because my husband, Art, teaches here. Yet I'm really okay. I have beautiful music on, and I go hear much more while in this city of fantastic music and art. Music is increasingly important to me. I hope it is helpful to you as well.

I'm working on a new book project, but also have some research on HSPs coming along. I taught a beautiful group of 36 HSPs at Kripalu, a yoga center in Lenox, Massachusetts. It was a chilly February weekend, but we were snug and happy, getting to know each other. You might enjoy their one-line messages to each other and to you, written at the end of the course.

Someone asked me if there's any difference in the courses I will be teaching at The Crossings in Austin in April, Esalen in California in May, and Omega in Rhinebeck in September are different? Nope. Same course, for now. Nothing new there, except new HSPs and new questions, of course.

There are, however, new people to speak to about HSPs.

Ted Zeff is giving talks and interviews all over, bringing out his HSP Survival Guide.

Alan Lehman, my fellow HSP therapist, will be teaching a course this April for the Manhattan Learning Annex.

I will be speaking in Utrecht, in the Netherlands, on March 26. It's an all-day event, and most of it will be Dutch therapists and coaches, speaking in Dutch, to 600 of Dutch HSPs. Yikes.

And perhaps most important Jacquelyn Strickland continues to organize inexpensive, empowering, innovative HSP Gatherings. The next one is on the East Coast, April 21 through 25. I will be speaking on The Highly Sensitive Child Inside of Us All. For complete details or to register, go to

Jacquelyn still needs a few more people to make it work. If you were not sure if you wanted to go, GO. You'll feel right at home. And it's kind of nerve wracking running these events when people decide to come at the last minute. We don't want her to get discouraged. These gatherings have meant a lot to so many people. So do go if it fits with what you need. Another gathering is being planned for August 25 to 29, 2005 in the Pacific Northwest on Whidbey Island.

Warmly, Elaine

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More Comfort Zone Email Newsletters