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How Do You Recognize an HSP; My Next Step; Your Sensitive Style

Dear HSPs,

It's summer, and I hope your living is easy. There's a lot below, so I will keep this part brief: I hope you're getting the right amount of sun and water, shade and clouds. We HSPs like it just right.

In this Issue:

Some Upcoming Events:

October 19, San Francisco Bay Area: "Working with the Highly Sensitive--Twenty Percent of the Population and Probably Fifty Percent of Clients." This is sponsored by the Santa Clara and San Mateo County California Psychological Associations so California therapists receive CEs. Time: 10:00 A.M.-4:30 P.M. All the other details are here.

I will teach at a level appropriate for professionals, although nonprofessionals may attend. Only Clinical Psychologists, MFTs, and LCSWs with licenses in California can obtain credits. However, psychotherapists from out of state are welcome. This could be the only time I do this (although I would like to train more therapists, so I might do it again if invited elsewhere). Another reason to come is that, to make it easier for HSPs to find HS-knowledgeable therapists in their area, I will list on my website licensed therapists or counselors who have taken the course. (That would be for one year--I will charge after that, to help pay for the website upkeep, but you could drop out if you receive no referrals from the website in that time.)

November 2, Wellington, New Zealand: While I'm in New Zealand in November to attend a conference at Victoria University of Wellington, I have accepted an invitation to speak at a public event organized by a small group of dedicated volunteers from NZ/Australia who are HSPs or parents of HSCs. While my lecture will focus on HSPs, I will dedicate some time to the needs of HSCs too, for the benefit of parents, teachers and others involved in nurturing them. There will be a Q&A/panel discussion afterwards, with myself, a teacher/educator, a parent and a psychotherapist, each with experience with HSPs or HSCs. Place and Time: Museum Hotel (near Te Papa in central Wellington). 1.30 – 4.30pm. Tickets are limited to 80. Those who book early will receive a discount. For further information and to book tickets please visit For information not on that site, you can email or

November 4, Wellington, New Zealand: "Introduction to Sensitivity Style in the Workplace," Janine Ramsey will be the main speaker, but I will discuss the research on HSPs. 9am - 12.30pm Victoria University of Wellington, Executive and Professional Development Program.

News About the HSP Gathering Retreats:

It is hard to believe the first HSP Gathering was held 12 years ago. Thanks to Jacquelyn Strickland, they seem to keep evolving in unique ways. The 26th one in Sweden, in May 2013, was a very special time, and Jacquelyn and I are both happy so many HSPs are being connected throughout the world through these four-day events.

There is still time to attend the 27th HSP Gathering Retreat, September 26-30, in beautiful Colorado. A special theme recently evolved: "Coming Out As You Are: The Journey Toward an Empowered HSP." HSPs are attending from California, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, New York, North Carolina, Japan and Canada. Register at I will be joining the group via Skype on Sunday.

Four more HSP Gathering Retreats are in the early planning stages for 2014: Thanks to co-hosts who have come forward, the 28th Gathering will be held near Austin, Texas in the spring. Early summer, Jacquelyn will travel to the Pacific Northwest for the 29th Gathering, and in early November, the 30th and 31st Gathering Retreats will be held in Australia and New Zealand. If I cannot attend in person, I always look forward to joining the group via Skype on Sunday morning.

New in the Store

A brand new DVD of me speaking this summer to an audience of 90 (so lots of good questions) in Walnut Creek, CA. All the latest research is here, along with coping suggestions and answers on many different special topics. Some of this is on YouTube, if you want to check it out.

This DVD is in addition to the one made in Denmark in 2011, which you can buy on Amazon. This DVD is also excellent, with more focus on children and relationships as well as "linking and ranking" in the light of sensitivity. There is also one in the store made in 2007, full of lively questions.

HSPs in the "CZ News"

For Those in Chicago Area Seeking a Therapist who is Also an HSP I generally do not recommend therapists unless I know them well, and I know Candy Crawford. She is a well trained, thoughtful, spiritually oriented, client-centered sort of therapist specializing in HSPs along with grief work, mid-life crisis, and finding meaning in life and along with all the usual things therapists do such as help with relationships. You can visit her website at

Finland, Finally I'm not sure of the exact date, but Hilkka Salmen, whom I met in May at the Gathering in Sweden, tells me it won't be long until The Highly Sensitive Person is published in Finnish. She knows because she is reading the publisher's draft of the translation so that she can comment on it. Hilkka has been the key to making this happen, and says this fall there will be an organization and website for HSPs with many people now involved, so that she can finally sit back and get a little downtime with her grandchildren. Thank you, Hilkka.

A Highly Sensitive Poet Who Writes About Just That As far as I know, Fiona Gyde has written the first book of poetry--actually two books--on being highly sensitive. They're beautifully done, and as an HSP, I find these poems very comforting. Here are two, both from Sensitive Walking. Read two more poems and buy the books at

Making Ends Meet

I have spent all my words
And in return--
The need to retreat
To save up again
Broken and penniless
I'm in debt to myself
To Those
Who would still
Like me
To spend.

~ ~ ~

Turning a Page

All my life
The odd one out
Never filling expectations,
The "ugly" one
Who thought and spoke and acted
Whose entire outlook
Was somewhat foreign,
Rarely understood.
And looking down
I saw myself
A misfit, mismatch
Misunderstood and often
A book of explanation
Fell into my lap,
A reflection of recognizable self-hood
Written by one
Like me
Like me
Like me,
There are others
Like me,
But they
With outspread wings
Soar together
Beckoning me
With awe and wonder
Just be being
Who they are,
To rise
Also fly.


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More Comfort Zone Email Newsletters

August 2013 Articles:

A Letter from Elaine

How Do You Recognize an HSP?

My Next Step was a Walk--with 2500 Others

"Your Sensitive Style"--Something Up from Down Under



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