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For Some HSPs Less Can Be More, Tips for Non-HSPs, and more...

Dear HSPs,

Happy summer time! We HSPs can be very sensitive to heat and cold, so I hope you have been able to maintain the right temperature for yourself. Remember water! We tend to have a good connection with it—drinking it, looking at it and listening to it, splashing it on, and going ahead and getting into it. Good stuff.

In this issue:

Highly Sensitive Parents:
Yes, you can still send in contributions.

Thank you so much to those who you have already contributed. Collectively you have given the book a clear theme, and individually you have provided great details.

Fathers, I would especially like to hear from more of you, about how you managed the noise and clutter, for example, and ways you feel your sensitivity made you an especially good parent.

Does anyone have tips on selecting good babysitters and other childcare?

Where I am Speaking:

  • Finally, the Midwest! On Saturday, September 29, Candy Crawford, LCSW, will host a retreat for HSPs in Wheaton, Ill., at the lovely Loretto Center. It is not more than an hour from O'Hare airport (maybe faster, depending on traffic) or Midway (a little farther but less traffic). If you need a room for Friday or Saturday night, there are rooms available. I will be there for the whole day, helping inaugurate what we hope will become a regular Midwest event. To reach Candy Crawford:
  • Mill Valley, CA: On the evening of Friday November 16, 7 p.m., I will be speaking at the Academy of Intuitive Medicine. To register, go to
  • Kripalu, Western Massachusetts: April 26-28, 2013, a course which they have titled "A Weekend for Highly Sensitive People with Elaine Aron." It should be very restful. I love the nourishing food and soft energy at Kripalu, just right for HSPs whether into yoga or not.
  • Europe next spring: I will be at the Gathering in Stockholm, May 9-13th, details coming later. I will also speak in Oslo, probably May 14th or 15th. Again, the details are still being arranged.

More Gatherings: The Gathering in Santa Cruz was a great success, as usual, thanks to Jacquelyn Strickland's leadership and accumulation of knowledge and resources for HSPs. The East Coast gets one next, and then Europe in the spring.

  • North Carolina: The 25th HSP Gathering Retreat will be held Oct 25-29 at Montreat Conference Center, Montreat, North Carolina (just 15 miles from Asheville, NC). I will join the group on Sunday, Oct 28 via teleconference.
  • Stockholm, Sweden: The 26th HSP Gathering Retreat will be held near Stockholm, Sweden, May 9-13th. Details forthcoming. I plan to be there, hopefully coinciding with the publication of The Highly Sensitive Person in Swedish, where the rights were just sold.

Again, for all you need to know about the Gatherings:

If you live in Southern California: Janine Ramsey, a great new, entertaining spokesperson for us from Australia (very entertaining), will be speaking at two places about raising and teaching the highly sensitive child:

Sunday September 9, 1:30 to 4, the campus of Long Beach State University. For details see

Sunday September 16, same time, on the campus of San Diego State University. For details see


From Hungary: Judit Ambro, who played a substantial role in having The Highly Sensitive Person published in Hungary, is often being invited to speak about it now. In June she wrote that for most of her life she had been rather invisible, "just her husband's wife," both liking it and not. But, "since becoming the publishers of your book, I was the one who seemed most suited to do the publicity. It was not easy at the beginning. Some of the questions did hurt me, even when I clearly understood that it was only because of lack of knowledge about HSPs. So gradually it is changing, I am getting stronger. There are days when I feel great, happy and full of love for the World" and days when she has to back off and recover.

Does this sound familiar? How good that she is doing this, however. Here are some videos of her speaking. Although you probably do not understand Hungarian, perhaps you will enjoy a moment of seeing her in action.

This is a 6-minute interview of her talking about HSPs on one of the biggest TV channels in Hungary:

This is a 4-minute interview with her and her husband (a non-HSP), both talking about HSPs:

[EDITOR'S UPDATE 2016: These videos are not currently available.]

From the U.K. Barbara Allen-Williams is in the process of having a website made especially for the National Centre for High Sensitivity. "Our services are aimed at highly sensitive people and those who come into contact with them whether on a personal or professional basis. Information, training and support, based on research into sensory processing sensitivity and related topics by Dr. Elaine Aron. We hope to promote awareness, personal development, good relationships, respect, health and authentic living in the HSP population and through this to encourage HSPs to play a full role in the tribe of man."

Currently she uses one page of her practice website to talk about SPS and the National Centre for High Sensitivity, and she uses to advertise events promoting information about sensory processing sensitivity. One of her aims is to create a training that will be included in college and other professional settings to ensure that therapists, teachers, social workers, for example, will at least have heard of this trait and know some of the basic principles for supporting HSPs/HSCs. She has already spoken at a conference for nursery and kindergarten educators.

Another H.S. author with a book for us: She is J. Q. Hannah, an HSP who works in cardiac surgery, no less (and I'm sure that as an HSP she is very good at it). Hence the name of her book, Lessons from the Heart Room. It reads like a memoir, very personal. It might make fun summer reading for you.

(I'm not meaning to promote Amazon, but they have a nice biography of her as well as reviews.)



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More Comfort Zone Email Newsletters

August 2012 Articles:

A Letter from Elaine

HSP Wealth: For Some HSPs, Less Can Be More

Relationships: Tips for HSPs' Less Sensitive Friends and Partners

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