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A Letter from Elaine
Our Community is Growing

Dear Sensitive Readers,

Hey, this newsletter is on time! We're all healthy again.

Summer is here, which for me means visitors, outdoor theater, music festivals, swimming, and, best of all, frequent morning rides on a horse called Annie. The blackberries are ripe. The farmer's market is overflowing. Being healthy again makes me especially appreciative. I hope you are enjoying summer too.


Good news for HSPs is that much more research is under way. We have a graduate student, an HSP from Canada named Jadzia Jagiellowicz, who will be devoting all of her time to this. When she is through with her extensive training, this research will be her specialty. We also have several important collaborators working on interesting projects with us, looking at the DNA and brains of HSPs--how they differ from non-HSPs. But I do not announce results until we feel confident about them.

Jadzia has already done one small study, however, just to gain experience working with the concept. She predicted and found that HSPs compared to non-HSPs who run for exercise and competition use running more to calm themselves and to cope with stress, and they prefer to maintain a steady rhythm. That the differences were so strong just demonstrated again how much can be predicted about people by simply looking at those with and without this trait.

Meanwhile, I feel my understanding of sensitivity is deepening daily. Right now I am reading a detailed biography of Carl Jung by Deirdre Bair, and noticing how this big, burly Swiss man covered up his sensitivity socially and compensated for it with an enormous ambition, which was what most people noted about him. But he was clearly sensitive, given his childhood. And he certainly mined his sensitivity for the work that made him so famous.

Speaking of which...

Depth Psychotherapy

Summer seems to mean a few spaces come open in my small psychotherapy practice. They are Wednesday afternoon hours, here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Pretty specific, I know! But I say it for those who might be interested. (No, I do not do phone consultations.)

Australia/New Zealand Contact

Summer means winter in Australia and New Zealand. As I said in the last newsletter, there's someone in New Zealand wishing to put HSPs in contact with each other. You can email Sky Bothe, hspnz[at]

[EDITOR'S UPDATE 2016: Some services in this letter may no longer be available.]

And In Canada...

As most of you Canadians know, there was a major article recently about HSPs in the Vancouver Sun that was reprinted in the Montreal Gazette (and maybe elsewhere too).

HSP Gathering On Whidbey Island, Washington

Summer also means time to go to an HSP gathering, and there is a great one coming up, August 27 through 31, on Whidbey Island. That lovely spot is an easy ferry ride from the Seattle area and its major airport. We hope you can join us. Click on Events on the home page for all the info.

Gathering In England

Next spring, sometime in March, there will be a gathering for HSPs in England. I plan to be there. It will be good to have the HSPs in that country finally getting together.

Any Other Countries To Hear From?

If you are living in a country or region and want to be in contact with other HSPs, please let us know. If you are very interested in connecting, a website is the next step, and then perhaps a gathering.

A warm summer greeting... Elaine

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